Chase Karnes graduated from Murray State University with a Bachelors degree in Exercise Science. He is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) and Certified Personal Trainer (NSCA-CPT) through the National Strength and Conditioning Association. His philosophy is simple: He believes that whether you're an elite athlete, soccer mom, or family doctor you should have access to the most recent developments in exercise, health and nutrition science.

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    Chase is a Team EliteFTS member with a bi-monthly column. This articles page will be updated periodically, but check out his author page here for the most up to date articles.

    Chase Karnes EliteFTS Author Page


    How Do You Get Your Girl to Train?

    An Annual Overview of Basic Strongman Programming and Periodization

    28 Days of Fat Loss for the Strength Athlete

    1,100+ Calorie Protein Shakes

    Five Exercises to Build Your Deadlift

     Three Little Things That May Make You a Better Lifter

     5/3/1 for Strongman

    Qualities of the “Private Sector” High School Strength Coach

    The Circus Dumbbell: Technique and Programming

    Developing Your Own Training Philosophy

    How I Added 100 Pounds to my Deadlift in 10 Months

    High School Wrestling: In-Season Training 

     Off-Season Soccer Strength

     Ten Tips for Show and Go

    Not Your Typical Physical Education Teacher (Interview w/ Sam Luker)


    Robertson Training Systems

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      Building a Set of Monster Legs

      Building Bigger Triceps and Biceps

     The No-Gym Warrior Workout




    Mythbusters Vol 6








    Beyond Strength Performance Interview


     5 Questions with Chase Karnes



    Maximus Wellness Interview

    Jim Laird Interviews Chase Karnes





    Relentless Performance Interview

     Interview with Nic Peterson of Relentless Performance







    Interview with Mike Spagnola & Edge Fitness

     Interview with Mike Spagnola & Edge Fitness









    Lift For Hope eBook (Contributor)


      Page 24. Top 5 Tips to Getting Jacked: Chase Karnes









    The Nate Green Experience

    Change a Litte, Grow a Lot





    Training Programs for:

    Football, Soccer, Baseball, Cross Country



     Clips From Seminar at Matt Hughes’ – H.I.T. Squad





       Business Spotlight: Argonauts Fitness Will Get You in Shape!






    The Paducah Sun





    Paducah Parenting and Family






    WPSD Local 6