Chase Karnes graduated from Murray State University with a Bachelors degree in Exercise Science. He is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) and Certified Personal Trainer (NSCA-CPT) through the National Strength and Conditioning Association. His philosophy is simple: He believes that whether you're an elite athlete, soccer mom, or family doctor you should have access to the most recent developments in exercise, health and nutrition science.

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     “Chase Karnes is one of the brightest young stars in the entire fitness industry, and I don’t say those kinds of things about just anyone. Chase is the real deal and is a hard working, hustler, dedicated to constantly getting better at his craft and helping his clients get faster results. He’s also one of the most humble, respectful, nicest guys you’d ever want to meet. I wholeheartedly recommend working with Chase if you want to get to the next level.”

    Jason Ferruggia –

    Owner- Renegade Strength & Conditioning, LLC
    Chief Training Adviser to Men’s Fitness Magazine
    Muscle & Fitness Magazine Advisory Board Member
    Live Strong Advisory Board Member


    “Chase Karnes is someone who not only “talks the talk” but also “walks the walk.” His passion for helping others and striving to be the best he can is self evident. I have no doubt you will see and read great things from Chase in years to come. Remember his name.”

    Mike Robertson, MA, CSCS
    Co-Founder I-FAST


    “As a fitness journalist and former personal trainer, I’ve interviewed
    dozens of the “top guys” in world of the strength and conditioning, and
    after five minutes of talking with them, I can usually tell who really
    deserves the credit that’s been bestowed upon them and who sits in their
    basement and “trains” people on the Internet.

    Chase Karnes is a guy whose knowledge of and passion for training is
    apparent immediately. Although he’s a young guy (like me), it’s his
    pursuit of the “perfect program” and application of what he learns that
    firmly puts him in the “top guy” category.

    You won’t find a hungrier, more enthusiastic coach than Chase, and I
    really think it’ll take him far in this field.”

    Nate Green
    Author, Built for Show
    Contributing Editor,


    “My name is Todd Laux and I am the General Manager of the 9 time UFC World Champion Matt Hughes’ training facility. World class athletes come from all over the world to train at our camp. A lot of our fighters have trained at many of the top gyms across the globe.

    Chase Karnes came to our facility as one of the main presenters of a Strength and Conditioning seminar. The training methods, exercises and tips that our guys where shown where incredible. Chase did a great job of applying everything he demonstrated to the practicality of their sport of MMA. We are still using these methods today.

    Our fighters have become more explosive, have increased their stamina, and reduced their injuries since the clinic.

    I don’t want to come across as an infomercial for Chase Karnes, but I can’t help but to sing his praises and hope that we get him back up to work with out new arrivals as soon as possible. He is well worth it.

    Todd Laux
    General Manager
    Hughes Intensive Training



    “I have the good fortune to work with many of the top fitness professionals in the world and I can’t begin to tell you how impressed I am with Chase Karnes. At an age when most young trainers and coaches are just trying to find their way, Chase has established himself as one of the top young professionals in the fitness industry.”

    Pat Rigsby
    Fitness Consulting Group & Athletic Revolution International



    “Chase Karnes has a great understanding of the fundamentals of training and nutrition and is also able to think innovatively about these topics, putting across his own interesting ideas and theories.

    One very obvious thing that makes Chase stand out amongst the crowd is the fact that he walks the walk. Lately there have been a flurry of online trainers trying to make a name for themselves and what most of them lack is the ‘real word, hands on’ element which is so crucial to getting results from clients. Chase trains HARD and is an accomplished athlete through bodybuilding, powerlifting and currently strongman. What other trainers can say that? And he has spent years training both athletes and individuals wanting to improve their fitness.

    Chase is also very personable and easy to work with. I’ve worked with him on several articles for WannaBeBig and have been very impressed with his professionalism and willingness to take on board feedback. Because of this we have asked Chase to be a regular contributor to WannaBeBig.

    Chase is definitely a trainer to watch for the future!”

    Daniel Clough Founder
    At-Large Nutrition Co-Founder



    “As a Physical Therapist and professional strongman I have seen my fair share of injuries from people with incorrect lifting techniques and poor form. Ialso encounter a lot of people looking for a fitness and nutrition programs to lose weight and/or gain muscle.  Chase Karnes is no doubt one of the areas top trainers when it comes to addressing these needs.  His clients greatly benefit from his training philosophy and I highly recommend him to my patients and people/athletes alike.”


    William Barabas, PT, DPT, Professional Strongman



    “After qualifying for nationals I knew I had to step my training up. I began to look around for someone who knew strongman, and that I thought could help me bring my strength/performance to the next level. I knew of Chase from following his articles and training log and thought he would be the best fit for me.

    After first speaking with Chase I was really excited to get my training and nutrition plan underway. I gave him a bunch of info to begin with and he took it and ran and made an entire nutrition and training plan for me to follow.
    The thing I would say I liked most about training with Chase was his awesome feedback and his ability to adapt to any changes. I would send constant video to him and he would give awesome tips on form and ways to shave seconds off my time in events that were done for time. During the training block I had also previously signed up for a competition and he was able to change my plan accordingly without a problem. He was also able to make some final changes to bring up some lagging lifts and have me peak just in time for competition. He also gave awesome tips on recovery and things to do during/before a competition to ensure I was performing at the highest level I could.
    At nationals I was able to meet Chase and he was still giving me tips on the events and things that he noticed when he went through them.
    Overall it was a great experience working with Chase and I would recommend it to anyone looking to take their strongman training to the next level or just to step up their general level of fitness. I wouldn’t hesitate to work with him again. “
    -Michael Tawfik, National Level Strongman Competitor





    “Chase Karnes has helped me reach several goals, his services are elite and his old school values combined with the new techniques push me to reach my fullest potential. Chase takes into consideration my goals of becoming a better athlete, using nutrition, weight training and programs designed specifically for me. Chase can benefit anyone wanting to improve their quality of life through training.”

    Jared Sigler
    Soccer and Football Athlete







    “I chose Chase Karnes as my personal trainer because several acquaintances recommended his work, and because I was bored and frustrated with “working out”. My work-out had become so ordinary and was not producing the results I wanted. Several results from my work with Chase have pleased me: I am stronger and have more endurance, my muscle tone is better, my clothes look better and I dropped a whole dress size just by following his directions! Plus, I look forward to exercise!Anyone who is serious about fitness could benefit from Chase’s training. He is dependable, stays up-to-date and has his client’s best interest at heart.”

    Carolyn Owens (On Right)

    “I am glad I have had the opportunity to work with Chase Karnes. He is definitely professional and has exceeded my expectations as both a trainer and a nutritional consultant. A friend of mine who was working with Chase recommended him to me and I am so glad she did.  I had been having health problems for some time and I was underweight, had lost body fat and muscle, was experiencing intense pain, and exhibited lack of stamina. First Chase answered all my questions and was eager to work with me. Next, he recommended specific foods and meal plans and went food shopping with me. Then, he tailored a work-out plan for my needs which changed as my body healed and he was very encouraging and supportive. I look back and cannot believe the difference in my physical appearance, confidence, energy, eating habits, stress level, and general health now. My transformation and maintenance has been amazing. Finally, Chase is always on a search for current research regarding his profession. I admire that trait.”                                                                                                 Diane Wood (On Left)







    302.  As low as I could ever get my weight.  But it always ended up back at 315… 320…325…

    I’d tried trainers before.  You know, those trainers who stare at their wristwatch, or the TV, or the girls, or the wall and never say anything other than the bare minimum.  But 302 was where I stopped.

    Thankfully, a friend who showed great results with his own weight loss referred me to Chase.  As an educator, I was immediately drawn to Chase’s knowledge and research, as he had professional research journals IN the gym. He was very approachable, a great communicator, and showed great interest in his clients.

    I started in January 2010, and as of September 2010, I weigh 225 lbs.… the lightest I have weighed since middle school.

    Through consistent nutrition education and constant communication, Chase has been the driving force in not only reaching my initial goal (275 lbs.), but having to set new goals (260, 250, 240, 230).  Chase has explained everything from proper form, balanced diet, and long-term goal setting in a way that is easy to understand, fulfilling to accomplish, and simple to maintain.  He has given me more individual attention that I could have ever imagined, and has shown that he is willing and able to maintain both a hard-working professional relationship as well as an interesting and fun social relationship

    Today, I am stronger and happier.  I am no longer afraid of mirrors. I function better at work.  My days off are more relaxing.  I require fewer naps. I smile more, and worry less.

    I feel better than I ever have, and my friends and family compliment me every day on my progress.  IT’s been hard work, but never seemed anything but completely possible.  Thanks to Chase’s dedication to his craft, his job, and his clients, MY life will be even more worth living.

    I recommend Chase Karnes to anyone who wants to lose weight, gain muscle, feel better, look better or be better.

    Brad Hammack
    Ballard County Band Director




    “Our son, Jason Straub, has participated in many sports and enjoyed them all since he was very young.  Sports are a big part of his life although he is a very good student as well. As he reached high school, his interest in soccer exceeded all others.  He had also demonstrated a high level of skill in soccer, becoming a starter as a 9th grader for a Heath High School team that reached the elite 8. 

    He knew that to excel, he needed to gain weight and strength and we were interested in finding the right program for him that emphasized total body development and would be something that he would enjoy enough to follow through.  Chase Karnes filled both roles.

    Jason has thoroughly enjoyed participating, but it has been extremely challenging.  He looks forward to workout days.  He comes home totally exhausted.  His strength improvement is evident visibly and on the field.   He rarely loses 50/50 battles for the soccer ball.  His speed has improved and his leaping ability has increased unbelieveably.  He follows the weight gain plan closely and has gained more than 20 pounds, most of which is not just normal growth, but is muscle mass.  He feels better about himself and is much more confident, athletically and personally.  He has been selected by the coach to be a captain for his senior year and his work ethic and demonstrative improvement are the reasons. 

    We would recommend anyone who wishes to work hard and work correctly to try the Chase Karnes experience.  We are very pleased with all aspects of his program.”

    Rick Straub
    Father of Athlete & Attorney






    “After visiting several fitness facilities in Paducah I came to realize that they did not offer what I was looking for in strength training. I wanted some direction, someone who understood my goals and could help make them a reality. I wanted to train with the purpose of reducing my body fat and increasing my lean muscle mass. As a runner, I wanted to run faster and increase my core strength to be proactive in injury prevention. This is why I started training with Chase Karnes. After my first session with Chase he analyzed my nutritional intake and made suggestions for changes. He reviewed my running schedule and developed a strength training program to complement my goals. Chase is very professional and stays current in his field. Since training with Chase I have dropped two pants sizes! I also set a PR in the 2010 Cooper River Bridge 10K Run with a race pace 1.5 minutes faster than my previous pace. Because of Chase I am eating healthier and running faster.  I would recommend Chase to anyone who wants to SEE and FEEL results!”

                                                                                                                               Paige Oldenburg



    “I have always “thought” about exercising my whole life and one day realized that in order to accomplish this goal I would need to have to have someone to be accountable to. I had tried going to the gym on my own and the personal trainers at the large gyms. I found that the personal one on one with Chase Karnes to be a very good investment. I felt it was important to have a personal trainer like Chase who was very knowledgeable in his field and took his career seriously. It was very important to me to learn to workout the correct way in order to prevent injury and gain the best results. I train three times a week for about two years now and feel great. I did not start training until late in life but have found it’s never too late to look and feel great. I feel very fortunate to have had the opportunity to be trained by such a professional as Chase Karnes. Thank you.”

    J. Suzette Frick
    Investment Executive
    Frick Investment Group


    “I started working with Chase about the time I entered high school. Since then, I have made unprecedented gains in muscle mass and strength. Each program is customized to meet my individual needs, and with the application nutritional advice, I continue to make the gains and changes that I desire. The best thing about working out with Chase is definitely the thoroughness and absoluteness of the workout — unlike other workout experiences I’ve had, there’s never a workout with Chase that doesn’t leave me with that unmatched satisfaction of coming one step closer to  my goal. Chase has helped me reach numerous achievements, including national and state records in powerlifting. Chase is an indispensable part of my exercising efforts. Anyone wanting to better their physical condition through tailored exercise could benefit from working with Chase. “

      Parker Shields


    “Chase is my angel. I’ve been training with Chase for over 4 years now. I contacted him because I needed his professional training. Four 1/2 years ago I had had my second child. I had previously been an aerobic instructor, sometimes teaching 2 classes a day 5 days a week. I quit teaching once I had my first child, and I was having a hard time getting my pre-baby figure back. I relate that to many factors: time, lack of discipline, eating habits and the fact I was choosing the wrong type of exercise to reach my goal. After having my second child I knew things were not going to get better. In fact I was even farther from having the figure that I once had before having children. I had gotten desperate and realized that I can’t do it on my own.

    Today I have an even better figure than I had ever, even before having children. Chase has given me the discipline I need along with conquering my issue of having time to work out. Before I was taking 1 -2 aerobic classes a day along with training for 5K races. That is very time consuming. Now I just dedicate 3 hours a week to weight train with Chase. He has also educated me on nutrition which I have passed on to my husband and our now three children. I trained with Chase during my last pregnancy. I must say I got lots of compliments during my pregnancy and afterwards. Friends were amazed at how fast I bounced back to my lean and toned figure just weeks after giving birth.

    In the past year I have really became interested in gaining pure strength. With this goal in mind Chase recommend I enter a powerlifting competition. Since then I have competed in my first power lifting competition, and Chase is currently training me for my second. My current raw total is 535 pounds with a 210 pound squat, 125 pound bench press and a 205 pound deadlift. I have a goal to be able to deadlift 240 by the end of 2010. Follow Chase’s blog and watch me reach that goal!”

     Another unexpected outcome is the self confidence boost I have received. I was definitely the ugly duckling in high school and college. But not anymore! I’m now 34 with 3 kids and I get compliments everywhere I go. I don’t give it a second thought to take my kids to the pool while wearing a bikini. Many moms ask me what my secret is and I give all the credit to Chase.”

    Kelly Atnip
    Full-time Mother and Amateur Powerlifter


    “Being a High school wrestler I had worked out with the team on occasion and had a membership at a local gym, but failed to notice any results. I saw huge results in the first few months working out with Chase. He combines nutritional principles with training programs designed to help me improve my strength, quickness and conditioning. Working with Chase has turned me from a skinny technical wrestler to an extremely strong, explosive and physical one. I recommend Chase to anyone who wants to improve their athletic ability, or who just wants to get in to shape.”

    Zach Pitman



    “I started working out with Chase about a year ago on the recommendation of a friend.  I have always been thin, and not very athletic, and even though I exercised regularly, I just didn’t see real results.  My goals were to be healthier and stronger, and to make sure that every minute spent exercising was a productive use of my time.  I’ve never been a big fan of gyms because they are intimidating and crowded, and I tend to easily talk myself out of going.  Since working with Chase, I have been very surprised by the results I’ve seen.  He has helped me to test physical limits that I would never have attempted on my own—I just didn’t think I could do it.  He is a wealth of information on every topic of fitness and nutrition, and he is the most professional trainer you will ever meet.  Save your money on all the memberships, magazines, and diet books–hire Chase.  Not only is it a better use of your time and money, but you will be amazed at the results!”

    Wendy Kester
    Financial Advisor and Soccer Mom




    “I have been training with Chase since May 2009 and I have lost 40 pounds and over 10% of my body fat as of February 2010. I have gone down two pant sizes, a shirt size, and a ring size. Not only have I changed what I eat, but I have successfully changed my lifestyle. Chase has guided me step by step though the diet and the training. He is always available to help with emails, phone calls, text messages and working with my schedule. What I believe makes Chase so effective with his methods is how he constantly researching, reading and learning. Therefore, every question that I have, he has answered. I have highly and will recommend Chase to anyone willing to lose weight.”

    Jonathan Light



    “After spending several sessions with Chase it is clear that he is organized and focused on identifying each individual client goals. Initially my goal was to lose weight and get a smaller number on the scale.  Little did I know that I would go through life changing experiences in less than two years:  a figure show, competitive powerlifting meets, and virtually no distance running in my life. I trusted Chase’s abilities and reaped the rewards.  It made me psychologically stronger.  His encouragement showed me that I could achieve goals that I truly thought were impossible.   I am not only a stronger woman; I am a more confident woman because of the encouragement of Chase Karnes.           

    I have experienced increased strength, fat loss, muscle gain, mental and psychological change.   I have never been more comfortable with my body than I have been over the last two years in working out with Chase.  I did not know that I would be in the best physical shape of my life – in my 30’s.  (Since I had been a collegiate runner – and a 20 year runner)

    I love FOOD and EATING!  Clients and friends often say – you are so lucky – you are skinny.  HA! – I immediately tell them that Chase Karnes, my trainer, is responsible for that.  If you are interested in an efficient use of your time – then train with Chase a few hours per week.  Yes – some self control around food and making meal choices helps too!”

    Laura Duff
    A Pampered Palate, Owner
    Amateur Powerlifter






    I choose to work with Chase Karnes because several of my classmates at St. Mary high School recommended him.  I was interested in working on my strength and agility for baseball. My goal was to loose 20lbs and to get stronger, faster, and have much more agility and quicken my base running.

     I lost the weight and with the help of Chase Karnes. I met my goals and improved my skills and now I am playing college baseball at Mid- Continent University.

    If you want to get quicker, stronger or just healthier then you could definitely benefit from Chase’s services.

    Kyle Bugg
    Collegiate Baseball Player




    “We chose Chase Karnes after Judson (my son) was beaten at KHSAA State Wrestling Finals, after he lost, he said “Dad, I was better, he was just stronger than me,” (that broke my heart) I said “I will make sure that does not happen again!”

    We were talking about where to go and Zach (my other son) mentioned a friend trained with Chase Karnes with amazing results, so I called and the rest is history, as they say! Zach and Judson both had heard about Chase and spoke highly of him. For my young men, I wanted them to get a lot stronger, do well in wrestling, learn a healthy diet and lifestyle and hopefully want to continue to stay in shape and do weight training for the rest of their lives.

    Plus, as we got to know Chase, I hoped his passion for his vocation rubs off on them! (Actually, it could rub off on me also!) Chase met and went far, far beyond my/our expectations. As far as me, this is the longest in my life I have “stuck with” weight training and look forward to coming in. I hate when I have to miss. The boy’s always trained year around, even in the summer, when they did not have to. They also look forward to coming in and work hard. I am in better shape than I have ever been in my life! And they are also. They gained muscular weight, as have I, drastically. And they turned from boys to men physically and also to some extent emotionally working with Chase.

    Chase was instrumental in helping me finish the Ironman Louisville and several marathons. And hopefully more of both in the future. There is no doubt in my mind that Judson, had he chosen to do so, could have wrestled at a Division I program, and as for Zach, I have no doubt, that he will be able to also. Anyone in any situation could and would benefit from Chase’s tutelage.”

    Dr. Jay Pitman
    Ironman Triathlete and Runner




    “Chase has helps me reach the goals that I set, which for me is everything from changing the way my body looks to improving the way I run.  While training with Chase, not only have I gotten stronger, but my body is much firmer and clothes fit better.  By taking his advice regarding nutrition and eating plans, I have been able to lose weight while continuing to build muscle and improve my running performance.  Now that I am training for a half marathon, Chase supports my goals by helping me plan a running schedule that helps speed my recovery, and by choosing exercises to increase my endurance and prevent injuries.  I truly the enjoy the time I’m working out with Chase, even though it’s harder than any other exercise I’ve done.

    Erin Gottman



    My daughter had been trying to get me to start training with Chase for awhile, but I was reluctant due to having somewhat of a social anxiety for one to one contact.  She finally convinced me to go with her one day. I am so glad she did. I’ve been training with Chase since August 2009, my goals were to lose body fat, build muscle, improve my overall health and healthier eating. Chase has helped me to continue to meet those goals.

     My energy and endurance level has increased. I have also noticed that my social anxiety has diminished which has improved my overall confidence. My flab has diminished and my muscles are now firm and toned, which keeps me going back for more. My prior work out regimen consisted of aerobics and free weight classes with minimal results, I will never go back.
    Any one regardless of age or physical condition can benefit from Chase’s services. He doesn’t have a one size fits all work out routine, he individualizes your work out to help you meet your goals.”
    Nancy Anthony
    Business Owner